5 Best Dog Food for Border Collies in 2021

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5 Best Dog Foods For Border Collies – Our Best Picks!

There is a wide variety of dog food available online, which should not necessarily come in the form of certain brands. Below, we show you our collection of the best dog food for border collies and the most purchased/reviewed meals for dogs. That will help you in comparing the ingredients, quantities, and other factors, for making your decision about which dog food for border collies should be purchased.

1. Acana Regionals Grasslands Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Border Collies Petsish - Acana
Acana Regionals


  • Natural sources of protein are good for a dog’s health.
  • Limited food processing ensures higher nutritional content.
  • Grain-free to ensure that the dog’s tummy is unaffected.
  • Helps develop lean muscles.
  • No grain, plant protein concentrates, gluten, or potatoes


  • Some dogs may not enjoy the taste.
  • May take a while for your dog’s stomach to adjust to Acana.
  • More suitable for adult dogs rather than puppies.
  • kibble pieces are not small, therefore can be a bit of trouble while eating, for little fellas.

This is an AAFCO approved grain-free dog food option that is great for active dogs. It contains a lot of proteins while not having many carbohydrates. It is formulated with lamb meat, duck, eggs, quail, and trout as its formulation of protein.

Most of Acana’s caloric content is made from protein so this makes it perfect for border collies as it helps them develop lean muscles, and protein is good for the general health of the dogs. All of the ingredients that have been used to formulate Acana are high-quality.

Acana also claims that its dog food is made with fresh ingredients, since they reduce the food processing, ensuring that the ingredients stay as natural as possible. Around 30% of the food is made from this natural protein, while another 25% is from nutrients from vegetables, allowing for balanced nutrition for your dog.

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2. Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Recipes

Best Dog Food For Border Collies Petsish - Merrick backcountry
Merrick Backcountry


  • It is grain-free ensuring that it does not upset any dog’s tummy.
  • High-quality protein that is freeze-dried to lock in natural nutrients.
  • Balanced nutrition comes from the fruits and vegetables that are added.


  • It contains some protein from plants, such as from sweet potatoes.
  • It can be a bit pricey to continue to feed your dog this premium feed.

This is one of the best dog foods cooked in the USA, that you can feed to your border collie.

It contains Omega fatty acids and proteins that are derived from Salmon, Whitefish, and trout, so all of these are healthy sources. And the ingredients are freeze-dried to ensure their freshness and their high nutrition.

Another great thing about is that it makes the flavor tastes really good, many dogs prefer this flavor.

The carbohydrates that are used to make the Merrick dog food are grain-free. Instead, they use sweet potatoes to make it easier for border collies to digest.

The vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables that are mixed in with the Merrick dog food are also a great source of nutrition for dogs, as they boost their overall health with nutrients such as antioxidants.

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3. Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dry Food

Best Dog Food For Border Collies Petsish - Taste of the wild
Taste of the Wild


  • This is a popular dog feed that a lot of owners seem to love giving their dogs.
  • Its sources of protein are not limited to just meat but potatoes as well.
  • It contains probiotics for improving the digestive health of dogs.
  • It is rich in omega fatty acids for better cardiovascular health too.


  • It has a plant-based protein source which all dogs may not benefit from.
  • The canola oil used may be too fattening for some dogs as well.

Consider this great dry dog food option for your border collie, the Taste of the Wild is another awesome grain-free option.

It has a digestible form of carbohydrates that is grain-free, to give your border collies the boost of energy that they need.

Along with that it also contains fruits and vegetables added into the mix for the all-important minerals and vitamins that it contains.

It is blended with salmon and canola oil that improves cardiovascular health. Its omega 3 and 6 nutrients and the nutrients that it contains do not stop there as it has minerals and probiotics too.

The sources of protein that it has comes from roasted and real lamb meat and eggs. But it also contains sweet potato protein too.

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4. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Border Collies Petsish - Purina
Purina Pro Plan


  • Great source of omega fatty acids.
  • Good for bone, teeth, and joint health.
  • Can improve eye and brain health too.
  • Great for developing puppies.
  • Kibbles are really small, and puppies love that.


  • Contains grains such as rice.
  • The feed is more suitable for young puppies rather than adult dogs.
  • Not a lot of sources of protein acid from chicken.

Made in Colorado, USA. There are several ingredients here that will be able to improve the health of your border collie, specifically puppies.

The DHA which is from fish oil can improve eye health and even increase the health of the brain as well.

Another great thing about this premium Purina Pro Plan dog feed is that it has a lot of antioxidants and fatty acids too.

These omega fatty acids can add a shine to your dog’s fur. And this also improves the joint health of your border collie.

The nutritional value of this feed does not end there as it contains calcium to improve the bone health of dogs as well, and it helps strengthen teeth too.

Chicken proteins and rice carbohydrates are used. This formulation is made for active dogs to help them get more energy.

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5. Nulo Freestyle Trout & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Senior Recipe

Best Dog Food For Border Collies Petsish - Nula
Nulo Freestyle


  • Specifically formulated for senior dogs.
  • Helps older dogs stay in shape without gaining weight.
  • Premium sources of protein such as turkey make it easier to digest.
  • It is made to ensure that a dog’s tummy does not get upset.


  • It May is not the best option for middle-aged dogs and especially puppies.
  • If you want your dog to gain weight then this food is not for you.
  • Not enough energy nutrition for younger dogs.

Senior border collies need some form of dog feed that is specifically formulated for them, and Nulo Freestyle dog food is their solution.

It is made for mature dogs. A grain-free recipe that contains no corn; soy; wheat; tapioca; white potatoes; artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives. Made in the USA to ensure that your senior dog’s tummy does not get upset.

It contains sweet potatoes for the great nutrition it provides. It is also formulated with several great sources of protein such as trout, turkey, and salmon.

These premium sources of protein make it easier for dogs to digest. And it is low in fat content as well, to help older dogs maintain their lean muscles.

Specifically formulated to fit the energy needs of older dogs without them gaining any unnecessary weight.

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What Is The Best Dog Food For Border Collies?

The Border Collie, a shepherd dog par excellence and currently used for various canine sports, is a medium-sized breed, varying its weight from 14 kg to 24 kg, and with a height at the cross that ranges from 47 cm to 54 cm. With a fairly high level of activity, and quite demanding mental needs.

Coming from the Scottish border with England, from the highlands, where they used them to move cattle; solitary, silent environments.

So today, although many have lost their instincts, they still maintain that fine ear, and that susceptibility to a movement that makes them sometimes especially reactive, sensitive, or fearful.

This can cause us to have stressed dogs, with digestive problems, physical problems such as behavioral problems, etc. This is why you must choose the food that you give them carefully, to ensure none of those problems happen.

The Border Collies are a breed of dogs with a little delicate stomach, so it may be difficult for us to find the right food for our pet.

Their stomach is quite sensitive and it is common for them to suffer from vomiting and discomfort. Therefore, once you have found the right brand of food that you like and it is good for your dog, try not to change it.

The Border Collie’s food should be rich in high-quality proteins to favor the correct balance of its intestinal flora, and we must be very careful with the human diet that we give it.

For those who have pets, it is important to pamper and take care of them. Although it is not easy, it is possible to achieve that your furry friends have an optimal quality of life, so you should pay attention to factors such as a good rest, sufficient time of play, cleaning, and of course, an excellent diet.

As we know, the first food faced by these animals is breast milk, which provides them with the necessary nutrients for their healthy development.

However, after a few weeks, they will have to start trying another type of food. For that, finding the one that best suits your needs will be necessary.

To feed your four-legged friend, you will have to consider their age, size, race, and health status. When they are still puppy you should feed them 2 to 6 times a day, depending on the months of age.

However, when they reach a higher age, the consistency of feeding may change, because the amount of energy to burn will not be the same.

What is dog food really made of?

Dog food is a mixture of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, among other elements, that will provide your pet with the necessary to have a healthy development, as well as enough energy to play and feel good.

Today, the most common types of food are the commercial food and the BARF food, both nourish dogs but commercial food is processed, whereas the BARF food is natural.

To choose the most appropriate food for your four-legged friend, you need to consider his age, health conditions, the times he should be fed daily, as well as what ingredients he will need at the what stage.

How to choose the best dog food for your border collie?

What to keep in mind when selecting the best dog food for border collies?

While selecting the feed for our dog we must look at age-specific products. Because, if the adult feed is given to the youngers, they’ll be in trouble.

The industrial balanced feed is classified according to the age of the animal as Feed for junior dogs (puppies), Feed for adult dogs, and Feed for senior dogs (elderly).

How to classify the feed for dog age as junior, adult, and senior?

  • The feed for junior dogs, in general, is intended for puppies from 2 to 12-15 months, depending on their adult size.
  • The feed for adult dogs is for dogs that are between 1 and 8 years old.
  • The feed for senior dogs is designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs over 8 years of age.
  • In addition to the age of the animal, we must take into account the dog’s adult size, since there are also feed for small, medium, large and giant dogs, adapted to the needs of each one.

When you have found the best dog food that fits the size and age of your pet, the next puzzle is how do you choose the best dog food brand for your border collies?

This is when the quality of the food comes into play; the dog food must fit all of the nutritional needs of the animal.

Therefore you must consider the following points when picking out the best dog food brand for your furry ones:

  • Since the dog is a carnivorous animal, the feed must contain about 25% protein, provided through meat or fish.
  • The puppies feed has to offer, at least, 20% of fats for its correct development. For adults and seniors, fats should occupy 8-10% of their composition.
  • Ideally, it does not contain cereals, since they alter blood sugar levels and increase the dog’s chances of obesity.
  • The fewer are the ingredients, the better the feed is for the dogs since the dog’s stomach is not prepared to digest as much variety of food at the same time.

There are numerous factors to consider when picking out the right dog food for border collies. The most basic factor is that you should choose either Dry dog food or wet dog food?

Dry Dog Food for Border Collies – A Convenient Choice

In our fast, stressful life we are grateful for every relief that everyday life offers us. With the Industrial Revolution, there has been a big shift in the dog food industry that affects both humans and their pets.

There is not always time to prepare a fresh, healthy meal that is too heavily processed, ready pre-cooked, and ready-to-eat dog food.

Of course, that’s the way we deal with our pets every day. Dried dog food was the fast food revolution in the pet food market and forms the unhealthy equivalent to human ready meals.

The same applies to the quality of the ingredients. As an occasional treat, dry dog food is certainly suitable for most pets but its permanent feeding can simply be expected to endanger the health of your pets.

Is dry dog food bad?

Dry dog food is not so good when it comes to moisture, because during the manufacturing process a large part of the moisture is pressed out of the food for durability – the direct opposite of what fresh prey animals provide and definitely too little to cover the high liquid requirements of the dogs.

To understand the reasons for the lack of quality of dry dog food, one must first look at the exact composition compared to the needs of the dog.

Our four-legged friends are formerly almost complete carnivores – only carbohydrates in the stomach of the prey were absorbed through the diet.

In contrast, dry dog food in most cases consists of up to 60% carbohydrates, which is significantly more than provided for in the conventional diet of four-legged friends.

Combined with the minimal existing and usually also low-quality animal proteins, it soon becomes clear how unhealthy dry food is for our four-legged friends – the stomach of the dog is simply not designed for these amounts of carbohydrates.

Wet Dog Food – A Good Alternative

Who wants to feed his dog as healthy as possible? Without spending a lot of time in the production of daily food, one can rely on best-wet dog food.

The best wet dog food consists of at least 60% liquid so that the food for the dog becomes much easier to swallow and digest.

Wet dog food also comes with significantly fewer additives as compared to dry dog food – the ideal solution for nutritionally sensitive dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

The primary focus in wet dog food is on a much healthier composition. As in the production of wet dog food special ingredients are used, such as fresh meat, offal, fruit, and vegetables, which contain most of their essential nutrients.

Wet dog food also benefits from food processing, which of course influences the quality of the food.

In many wet dog food varieties, there are hardly any visible sugar additives, food colorings, and preservatives. These numerous attractants for a more intensive taste and many other factors have a negative impact on the health of our dogs.

However, if you have to make the decision between wet or dry dog food for your four-legged friend (Read about Best dog food for sensitive stomach) , we always recommend a high-quality wet dog food, as this satisfies the natural needs of the four-legged friend much better, contains more nutrients and at the same time can be processed more gently by the pet’s body.

Benefits of wet dog food

  • More appropriate composition
  • More animal ingredients than dry food
  • Better declarations on the packaging
  • Higher moisture content
  • Easier to digest
  • Less calorie intensive
  • Fewer health consequences
  • Fewer preservatives, dyes, etc.

At the same time, however, there are also disadvantages associated with wet food, which of course should also be considered when deciding:

Is wet dog food bad for dogs?

Wet dog food is not bad for dogs. But it has some issues attached.

The biggest issue is its shorter shelf life.

The wet dog food affects just the human (sometimes, have to do the hard work of preparing it for dogs), but not the dogs. Whereas about the dry dog food – humans have advantages of relaxed life and less hectic, but the dog does not feel comfortable with it if it is given in permanent routine.

Even for wet dog food products, the compositions differ depending on the variety and brand.

How do I choose the right quality of dog food? [8 Steps Guide]

To choose the best dog food for your border collie you need to know the most important characteristics that include this type of product, such as portions or quantities, ingredients, and the ideal food depending on the age of your four-legged friend among some other aspects.

To avoid any problems, here is a brief explanation for each of the criteria to which you must pay attention so that you can finally identify exactly what kind of food is the one that suits your best furry friend.

8 Steps for choosing the best quality food for your dog:

  1. Your dog’s age
  2. Quantity according to the dog’s age
  3. Quantity according to the dog’s need
  4. Proteins
  5. Fats
  6. Ingredients
  7. Type of dog food
  8. Guarantee

Let’s talk about these steps in detail.

Step 1: Know your dog’s age

While the border collies are still puppies, after drinking milk from their mother, they go on to eat soft croquettes with specific properties, because their metabolism tends to accelerate further.

Dog foods usually contain additional proteins, more fat, and carbohydrates that provide more energy to border collies and other dogs.

When these puppies become adult dogs, between 1 and 6 years old, approximately, their diet should include fewer fats, but more proteins, as well as certain vitamins and minerals, should be added to their food, which will provide them with enough energy for staying active, healthy and happy animals.

When border collies and other dog breeds reach the stage of old dog age, i.e. 7 years old and onward, their metabolism is changed. Therefore, they will have to start eating softly.

You should look for food that has a balanced amount of Glucosamine, Calcium, Antioxidants, Vitamins, and minerals among other essential ingredients to care for them.

Step 2: Choose dog food quantity according to the dog’s age

The quantities of food that should be given to dogs, in part will be related to their age. Therefore, the feeding of a puppy will not be as constant or the same as that of a dog in the stage of old age.

Step 3: Choose dog food quantity according to the dog’s need

For puppies, should be fed 3 to 6 times a day, because their digestive system is very fast and burn calories quickly.

For adult dogs, the consistency of feeding will be reduced to 1 or twice a day, depending on the metabolism of the canine.

For senior dogs, it is recommended that you do not exceed feeding 2 times a day, because as your body deteriorates, the digestive system is encouraged, however, you should not stop receiving the essential nutrients.

The consistency with which border collies should eat the dog food should be determined by your veterinarian, to ensure full and healthy nutrition.

Step 4: Check the quantity and quality of proteins

Very important for all the neurological problems that the race presents, the quality of protein is responsible for maintaining good muscular and neuronal development in border collies and other dog feeds.

The amount of protein in a natural diet is adequate in these cases, not only by quantity but by quality, the bioavailability of these proteins has no comparison with that of a feed, however “good” it may be. This can be achieved with the help of meat, fish, and eggs, which are full of proteins and dogs love these ingredients.

Step 5: Check for quantity and quality of fats

We know that fats are important and necessary as a source of energy, they also provide the dog with healthy fur and elastic skin.

These fats also help the border collies and other dog breeds in inflammatory problems, such as the joints, dermal or digestive. For this, it is better to rely on omega 3 fatty acids or bluefish.

As the dogs have a delicate digestive system, therefore, we have to give only 5-10% extra of other types of fats, if necessary. For example, in the case of intense physical activity.

Step 6: Know the ingredients of dog food

Dog food for border collies usually comes with a giant variety of ingredients, however, the most common dog food ingredients are:

Meat and products of animal origin:  They can be chicken, veal, lamb, or fish, which provide great sources of protein, essential fatty acids, iron, and some B vitamins, which are also easy for dogs to digest.

Vegetables: These are important in dog food, as they are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and energy.

Vitamins: They depend on the functions of the body such as the immune system, sight, muscles, joints, and bones.

Minerals and Amino Acids: These are written as “nutritional additives“, they balance bodily fluids, support metabolic processes and allow dogs to have strong bones and teeth.

Cereals: These represent a strong source of carbohydrates. They are present in corn, rice, wheat, and barley. Besides, they provide proteins and other essential nutrients.

Fats: These are important sources of energy, in addition to providing a better flavor and allowing good digestion. Fats also influence the brightness of your pet’s fur, especially the Omega fatty acids.

Step 7: Check the type of dog food – Wet or Dry

Dog food comes in different presentations, which are divided into wet dog foods and semi-moist or dry dog foods:

Wet dog foods / semi-moist dog foods: They are usually more natural dog food. Dogs like wet food because of their different consistencies, and it also benefits them by contributing to the hydration of border collies and other dogs.

Dry dog foods: It is the most commonly consumed type of dog food due to its ease of storage and preservation. There is a wide variety of brands that produce these foods.

Therefore, you must consult the veterinarian of your border collies and other dogs to determine that which are the best type of dog food options for your little furry.

Step 8: Check for dog food guarantee? – From Supplier

Like many other items on the market, some dog food brands have a guarantee, not only for the quality of dog food but also for the flavor of dog food.

Some suppliers are so sure that your furry friend will like the food, which, if not, they will return your money, so knowing it will be helpful for your pocket and your buddy, the border collie.

What to look for in quality dog food?

Go through the details of the composition of the dog food, you can be sure of one thing is that it is necessary to stop purchasing based on low price and low-end dog food.

The best dog food for Border Collies will be those that belong to the premium range of dog food products, which have already discussed above. These are high-end foods.

In general, the best dog food for border collies and other dog breeds are made on the advice of veterinary dieticians. Made of best quality raw material, they are properly dosed. That’s why they are totally adapted to the nutritional needs of the Border Collie and other breeds.

Therefore, if you want to control the quality of dog food, you will have to read the composition of each dog food product, that you are willing to purchase.

Here are some tips that will help you out in the process of reading the composition and determining the best dog food for border collies:

  • The ingredients must be as precise and detailed as possible (avoid denominations too vague);
  • They must mention chicken meat or meat of beef, pork, etc.
  • Animal proteins must represent at least 40% of the product.
  • The percentage of cereals must also be controlled: be as little as possible.

About Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Facts

Average life span: 10 – 17 years
Breed Colors:
Black, White, Gold, Red, Red Merle, Sable, Sable Merle, Liver, Chocolate, Brindle, Lilac, Blue Merle, Blue
Energetic, Alert, Intelligent, Keen, Tenacious, Responsive
Average weight:
Female: 12 – 19 kg, Male: 14 – 20 kg
Average Height:
Female: 46 – 53 cm, Male: 48 – 56 cm
United Kingdom, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England

Are border collies a good family dog?

The Border Collie is a leading dog in every way, in fact with this dog you can get to form special and unconditional links between those who show love and attention. Something very characteristic of this dog is its look since it will remain fixed on its leader when it is at work, showing the capacity for concentration that is lacking in most dog breeds.

The border collie dog breed loves to work and feels happy when he does it, since he manifests the enjoyment of this. He also has a strength and firmness that, together with his instinct as a shepherd, helps to gather, control and even lead the herds assigned to him, doing it in the best possible way.

In fact, these characteristics show how excellent the Border Collie can be with the smallest of the house.

This canine animal is perfectly compatible with children since it has a very balanced, calm and firm character; besides, it is quite healthy and understands very well the limits that exist when playing with the little ones of your home.

The Border Collie also maintains great tranquility when playing with children in various games, which makes it a perfect dog breed.

The games that children must have with the Border Collie canine should be addressed with specific objectives such as: making circuits, looking for the ball or even jumping obstacles; everything that stimulates the creativity of the child and the border collie.

Although the Border Collie is a calm and balanced dog who is perfect to live with the children at the house, it is necessary to educate the children the good treatment they should have with animals, especially with their pet dog.

Kids should learn that what they should and should not do, while they are playing with border collies. However, the Border Collie has great patience, which with the help of proper training, will be the dog you always wanted to have at home.

Border Collie Health Problems

This is a breed with a lot of health problems, from what we have been able to learn. So if you are thinking about acquiring a Border Collie, make sure it is a trusted breeder, since many of these diseases are avoided, if raised with healthy animals.

Let’s see the most common pathologies and that we can improve with a natural diet and/or supplements. (Note: natural food does not exempt a veterinary treatment if any.)

Dog Parasites

As we have said, the Border Collies are dogs accustomed to living in the country, and are you comfortable with spending a lot of time in the open air.

This can lead to an increased risk of uncomfortable visits to parasites such as ticks and fleas on dogs. Besides, these can be easily camouflaged between their long hair, so it is advisable to check it when you brush your border collie.

It also uses collars or pipettes to avoid both these dog parasites and the bite of the sandfly mosquito, which causes Leishmaniasis.

Dog Vaccination

Border Collie vaccinations, as in other breeds, must always be up-to-date and must be provided by your veterinarian. The main ones occur during the first year of life and after 12 months veterinarian will carry out a booster vaccination once a year.

Eyes and Nose

Border Collies may be susceptible to certain diseases. Although they do not appear in all dogs, we must pay special attention to these symptoms:

Eyes: This beautiful dog breed has ocular anomalies that, generally, begin to make night vision difficult and end in blindness. For this reason, ask your veterinarian to check your border collies eyes periodically.

Nose: solar nasal dermatitis is very common in Border Collies, losing color in the area of the nose.

Genetic Disorders

These are a series of diseases that should be controlled from the breeding of these animals since they are produced by poorly made crosses, or carrying individuals.

Even so, the diet can help the dogs that already suffer from any of these issues.

Joint Diseases

The majority of Border Collies are working dogs, that is, they perform some physical activity every day, beyond walking with their owners.

Therefore, this is something that we must take into account in the realization of border collies diet, not only for the amount of energy they will need but for possible joint problems that may develop, just like dog arthritis pain.

There are some joint diseases to which these dogs are prone:

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Osteochondritis dissecans of the shoulder.

All these diseases are multifactorial, that is, the factors that trigger them are several and it is not known with certainty which is the real cause.

These factors may vary with breed and genetic predisposition, diet, body condition of the dog, and exercise.

Nutrients and factors to consider

We are going to focus on how to help nutritionally so this does not happen, or if we have a border collie with these problems, how to improve their quality of life.

Well as we have seen, that the diet for the Border Collie has several important parameters to consider, few of them are:

High energy requirements

The required amount of food for border collie dog breed is usually between 3-4% of their weight. There may be individuals that are kept at 2% of their body weight, but their nervous nature and problems of assimilation make the recommendation of food a bit greater.

Amount of meaty bones and use of recreational bones

Since the border collie dog breed is prone to joint problems, it is not recommended to give them more than 50% of meaty bones, in these individuals.

As mentioned above, these bones along with recreational bones, are important for chewing for the border collie dog breed, not only cleaning the teeth, but helping to reduce stress, for example, after an exhibition, or at specific moments of stress.

Border Collie as a domestic pet

The great energy of this breed makes them most appropriate for a house that has a field, where border collies could move around. In case you can’t have such a house then you must know that it will be necessary to take them out several times a day.

However, they can stay at home with proper training and activities solution, since they are dogs that need to have something to do almost continuously!

You will need to buy a suitable dog bed for border collies so that they feel comfortable in their leisure times. Also, you will need a dog feeder and a dog drinker.

For this, we should always try to use better stainless steel products because we have to avoid the risk of allergy to plastic and the porosity of ceramic, which makes it difficult to clean properly.

Our Top Pick for Best Dog Food for Border Collies

Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Recipes

The Merrick brand has a great reputation, therefore we cannot ignore that in our choice of the best dog food for border collies.

It is a premium dog food and it contains a lot of healthy nutrients for dogs such as real sources of protein eg. lamb. Another factor for why we have chosen this brand is because it provides a balanced nutritional source for your dog, in terms of carbohydrates, proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

It is good for both puppies and adult border collies, so it will fit the needs of every pet owner who has any size and age of border collie. You really will not go wrong if you decide to choose this brand for your border collie’s food.


Now that you know that which is the best dog food for border collies, we hope you make the right decision that will serve you and your dog’s needs. As you have previously read in this article, border collies have delicate digestive systems and they can be prone to a bunch of health problems. If you feed them the food that is suggested in this article, you can avoid all of those issues and ensure that your dog stays healthy and lives a long and happy life. A healthy diet with good quality dog food is always better for your border collie.

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