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Our comment policy, for our website AND our Facebook page.

We love our respected readers and to interact with them, but with such a tremendous audience we’re obliged to ruffle some feathers, from time to time. If you feel that we disturb you, then please know that there are plenty of such other places for you where you can find a like-minded community.

The primary objective of is to provide information, recipes, and resources that reasonably will help every reader.

We surely value our esteemed reader feedbacks, even if it’s the opposing perspective. The point here is, if you’d like to add some value to the conversation, then please do so in a considerate manner.

Any reader’s comments (both on the Petsish or Facebook) will be removed, who may fall into one of these following categories, and the user may face a permanent ban.

  • Off topic
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  • Negative comment and not adding value
  • Otherwise inappropriate

We’ve worked hard to build this community and would like to keep it a happy place. So in summary; please respect the opinions of others and save the drama for your mama! And if you do get banned, don’t take it personally. With the Facebook growth lately we have to clean house with a heavy hand (again, all to keep this a happy place for our valued readers).